-About us-

Our specialities


-Chronic and acute disease treatment and management

-Digestive wellness

-Food allergies & intolerance

-Healthy cooking / meal planning

-Diet and Detoxification

-Elimination diets

-Enhancing sports performance

-  Boosting energy and mood

- Weight management and body composition

I am a qualified nutritionist, naturopath, and herbalists widely trained in complementary therapies from traditional western herbal medicine to Ayurveda and Iridology and more.

In our practice we incorporate Evidence based medicines , plants and supplements that have been researched and proved to be effective , alongside thousands of years of traditional medicines . 

At The Natural Roots we consider the whole person. Our holistic approach aims to find and approach  the root cause as naturally and as comfortably as possible. Our goal is to rehabilitate , and not only guide our patients  but also teach them to nourish and nurture themselves and others, physically, mentally and emotionally .We encourage our clients  to take charge of their health. Self empowerment  is vital in the healing process and vital for creating a healthy life , but should you need us we are always there with plenty of aftercare and support .

We can Provide Lab testing , sensitivity and allergy testing and in house Bioscan testing.

(please note we cannot diagnose or claim to treat)

For more information of the types of testing we do contact our specialists to help you find the test you require.  

At the natural roots we understand the impact every day life , emotions and psychological patterns  have on health and we are happy to help or refer you to specialists who can .


Many chronic conditions and acute conditions such as arthritis, depression, diabetes and even cardiovascular, autoimmune conditions  (and much more) all have very convincing clinical trails on many herbal supplements, many studies conclude they are very effective in treatment of these conditions. 

For more Clinical trails and research visit our Research TaB at the top of this page .

 We believe in teaching the individual about their health and educating them to not only improve their health but to know how to navigate the rest of their life in harmony with their individual physiology for an optimal and the best quality of life possible.