At the natural roots we pride ourselves on being different. 

- We are dedicated to help you succeed! 

     This is why we offer free support after your consultation at anytime to make sure you are comfortable with and understand your treatment. 

      We make sure you understand and are comfortable with your plan before you leave your consultation. 

      We provide you with plenty of tailored to your plan recipes and reading material to help you understand your plan and make it as easy as possible. 


-We Have it all! 

      After your consultation we can provide you with everything you might need on site, from supplements to foods and more, always of the best quality and ethics. 

      We have a dispensary on site with over 500 plants of medicinal plants to make sure we can provide the right prescription for you as quietly as possible. 


- Our methods are unique and effective. 

     We would like to think our treatment is a little more refined, targeted and stronger than most. We most often use only organic and biodynamic extracts of plants at the most potent extract possible at effective and safe dosages.

       Our consumer feedback shows on average 97% of our clients see an improvement between 7-30 days. 

       We like to be a little more thorough with out consultation and put in some extra time to make sure you get the best plan  possible this can sometimes take up to 5 hours. 

- your progress

     -we can offer monitoring  this can be done in a number of ways- we can send off for blood results if preferred as well as faecal and saliva sampling - In house we have FDA approved bioscan we help you track your understand you from your very first visit,  this could help us improvement in nutrition, digestion, content of chemicals in the body as well as heavy metal testing, hormones, neurotransmitters and much much more. Please note that this machine does not intend to diagnose or treat neither can any sample testing we send off - as only your medical doctor is legally allowed to do so. Bioscan is just to help us with our speculation and formation of your plan to wellness. 

We are with you every step of the way

Our helpful and friendly staff are passionate about results and are determined to keep you on track.

 We find and target the root cause and balance the body whilst dealing with your symptoms in the most effective quick and easiest way possible for the client and monitor this progress and guide you to consistently improve. 


The Main Differences between natural medicine and conventional ( orthodox ) medical system 


As many of you might know there are two ends of the medicine scale. On one side you have medical science and at the other you have eclectic herbalists rolling around in a field.As a practice we seem to have found ourselves somewhere in the middle. The scientific medical profession has looked at plants and their constituents and what they do, extracted them and isolated them to a single chemical and the synthesised and replicated this molecule out of other materials to make what you know as the standard tablets.


In our clinic we believe in this science, and extracting plant chemicals from plants however we do not believe synthesising and replicating from foreign materials, as it is not part of nature and many scientists speculate it is not stable and safe in the body. Isolating compounds can lead to side effects and organ damage and this is why we use whole plant extracts. The other constituents act as bufferers and often have many protective and restorative properties. Our extracts are mostly organic or wild crafted and biodynamic  where possible so you can always be sure you are getting the purest and best product possible. 

And that is it, whole, natural clean plant medicine with some calculated science behind it. 




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